1) The essay is the only piece of your application you have total control over.

The night before your application is due, there are no more student council elections or state championships to win; no more grading periods to boost your GPA; no more SAT testing dates. But you can tweak your essay up to the second before you hit “Submit.”

2) You already possess the material for a great application essay. You just need to know where to look for it.

Other manuals hand you winning essays from Ivy League students, but they don’t show you how to find your own idea. The $100,000 Essay’s first chapter helps you search your memory for a one-of-a-kind idea that won’t resemble the other thousand in the application stack.

3) To write a winning essay, forget you’re writing an essay entirely.

Tell a story instead. Pretend you’re sitting around a campfire with the admissions staff, trying to entertain them with a tale about your life. Chapter two teaches you how to tell a well-crafted story that thrills your admissions officer to the last word.

4) You need more than a spell checker.

A personal essay looks nothing like the average high school paper. You must learn a new way of self-editing so your words sparkle. Chapter three guides you through essay edits that mature your writing style and make your story more memorable. (You can use this chapter to polish your papers in college, too.)

5) You don’t have time to read an encyclopedia on the college application essay.

Other manuals drag students through over two hundred (boring) pages. The $100,000 Essay simplifies the art of the college essay into 60 pages, so you still have time for tennis practice and play rehearsal and homework and, eventually, sleep.

6) Your words could be worth more than $100,000.

In 2013, the average price of a four-year college degree rose to about $100,000. (Four years at a private college can cost over $200,000.) With the right tools, you can craft an essay that earns you the scholarships to graduate debt-free.

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Praise for The $100K Essay

"Nick's book addresses a major gap in college-prep literature. His style is clear and concise with great examples of ways for students to improve their writing – for college essays and beyond. My son directly applied several of Nick's many helpful hints for his college essay, and his English teacher was impressed!"

— Lori H., parent

"I tip my hat to Nick for writing this invaluable resource for students everywhere. It's coupled with both useful tips and an appropriate amount of humor to keep students’ attention."

— Andrew H., high school senior