Will you write my essays for me?

Nope. No way. Nein. Nyet.

My goal is not just to help students submit killer essays to their dream schools; I want them to become expert writers along the way. I always review my suggestions and corrections with students so they can improve their grammar, mechanics, and style for future writing assignments. It’s not worth the money if the student doesn’t learn from our work together.

What should I expect when starting an essay from scratch with you?

When you purchase the Storyteller or Publisher package, we start our work together with an hour-long brainstorming call. We’ll uncover your best stories and map an essay that excites readers and showcases your character strengths. You’ll then write the first draft independently, and we begin trading drafts back and forth over email until you have a shiny, polished final product.

During the revision process, students and I typically review drafts for a few minutes over the phone so they learn from my corrections and suggestions. You shouldn’t just have a winning essay by the end of our work together – you should also feel more confident as a college-bound writer. 

Should I have a rough draft – or at least some ideas – before we work together?

Unless you’re purchasing the Proofreader package, I recommend students enter our first brainstorming call without having written a word. During that call, we’ll go over what admissions officers really look for in an essay – and that usually changes what stories a student wants to tell in his/her essay. Helping a student find that perfect story is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

How do we communicate during the writing process?

In order to help writers across the world, I coach college applicants exclusively by phone, video chat, and email.

What can you provide that a guidance counselor/parent/big-name tutoring service can't?

Guidance counselors and English teachers have it rough during college application season. They may receive hundreds of essays, supplements, and short answers from students who need help; understandably, they can’t always dedicate adequate time to make every story shine. I work with a limited number of clients each fall, so each student receives as much coaching as he/she needs to pen a perfect essay.

Parents often struggle to help their student write about him/herself because they are simply “too close to the story” to see it. (Not to mention, parents and students don’t always get along when it comes to high-stakes writing assignments.) I provide a fresh perspective and can see a student’s life experiences from the eyes of an anonymous application reviewer.

Brand-name consulting agencies charge up to $3,000 for help with a single essay – and that astronomical price likely won’t include the kind of one-on-one phone and email support that I provide around the clock. Not only do you receive the best value when you work with me, but you also learn writing skills that will improve every essay, email, and tweet you write in the future.

Read more about my writing and teaching background.

Help! I'm applying to 10 schools and have to write 30 essays and supplements.

Don’t sweat it. Essay prompts often overlap from school to school, and we can strategize so that a well-constructed essay fits several colleges’ requirements. One essay from scratch may take three billable hours to finish, but it required only 25 hours for me to help a recent student complete 25 essays because so many of his essay prompts overlapped. The average time per essay drops as we work together on more essays, saving families both time and money.

Help! My essay is due tomorrow.

Procrastinators, rejoice: I once helped a student write his Common App essay from scratch when it was due in four hours. (He got in to his top-choice school, too.) I work quickly and keep late hours to accommodate students’ busy after-school schedules and last-minute tendencies.

How will I be billed, and how do you accept payment?

I invoice clients via email at the end of every month, and payment is due on the 15th of the following month. Invoices can be paid online (through Stripe or PayPal) or by mail.

Is the hourly fee only for time spent on the phone/online with the student?  If there is additional time billed, how is it calculated, and what is it for?

The hourly fee is for both one-on-one time with a student and my time spent independently revising drafts. The amount of billable time required for each essay depends on the student and the essay's length, but the average 500-word essay requires 2.5 hours of billable time.

Families with the Publisher package will receive a link that tracks the amount of billable time a student has accrued.

I purchased the Storyteller package, but now I need help with more essays. What should I do?

Families who have purchased the Storyteller package can easily upgrade their service to the Publisher package, which is based on an hourly rate. This is the most cost-effective method for students with multiple essays; as I get to know a student’s stories, it takes less time to outline and edit his/her essays.

I need help with my essays but don’t have the time or ability to work one on one. How can I become an essay whiz on my own time?

I created my e-manual The $100,000 Essay for students who aren’t able to work one on one with me. It contains everything a college applicant needs to write a winning essay, including brainstorming activities, a step-by-step guide to storytelling, and polishing steps to shine up your final draft.

Download the manual and start writing in five minutes.

Can you help me find colleges and scholarships? 

I work with students exclusively on written components of college and scholarship applications. Currently I do not provide guidance on the college or scholarship hunt – but once you find that perfect-fit school and the scholarship foundations to pay for it, we can work together to tell your best story to application reviewers.