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The essay is the most challenging piece of any application. Learn how to get yours to the top of the pile.

Red Ink's essay workshop teaches students, parents, and school faculty the secrets to a winning college application. How do you find that perfect personal anecdote that steals a reader's attention? Should you have a thesis? A conclusion? What does a great essay "sound" like?

Highlights of the workshop include:

  • How personal writing differs from the typical, academic writing style
  • Tips for uniquely answering an essay prompt
  • Samples of winning college application essays
  • Common essay topics you should always avoid
  • Structures of compelling personal narratives
  • Style and formatting tricks

Book a workshop and transform your students into word warriors.

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Who is the workshop for? 

Red Ink’s workshops are for anyone invested in the college application process. Junior and senior students, parents, guidance counselors, teachers, and independent college consultants will all gain essential tools for writing and editing college essays. (Graduate school and job applicants will also learn a few writing tricks!)

How long is the workshop?

The average workshop is 60 minutes, but it can be adapted to fit a school or organization’s needs. Nick often gives 20-minute presentations at college-night events for junior and senior students and their parents. Some schools request weekly after-school workshops, while others prefer weekend essay “camps.”

How much does it cost?

Speaking fees depend on a school or organization’s needs and location. College-night presentations are typically free.

Will students write their essays during the workshop?

No, but they will begin the brainstorming process. The workshop equips students with the essential tools to write winning personal essays, including a mini-brainstorming activity so students learn where to look for their best stories.

Where are workshops available? 

Nick travels locally and internationally to work with student groups. Cost of travel will be added to speaking fees.

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Guidance counselors and English teachers:
Ask for a FREE copy of The $100,000 Essay, Nick's digital guide to a winning college application essay!